Contact information

  • Lot C21, D2 Street, Cau Tram Industrial Zone, Can Duoc District, Long An Province
  • 1900.588.889

Vision - Mission - Core Values

 - Provide "Made in Vietnam" medical products that comply with international quality standards.
 - To be positioned as one (1) of five (5) Southeast Asian factories with medical equipment that meets ISO, CE, FDA, and other standards, with service and product quality as the foundation rather than words speaking.
 - Associate the company’s interests with the benefits of society.

 - Move toward automation. Constant development and improvement to provide optimal solutions and ensure customer satisfaction.
 - Provide the market with high-quality products that meet international standards.
 - Upgrade and perfect the system in accordance with modern management practices.
 - Create a human resource team that is lean, capable, talented, and loyal.

 CORE VALUES: "Good Ethic - Good Service - Good Business"
 - Commitment and performance serve as the foundation for trust. We are steadfast and determined to complete what we have promised.
 - We always set high goals and requirements to ensure that the results we deliver to our customers exceed their expectations.
 - PBM development in collaboration with the community through activities



 - Always do things correctly from the start. Get credibility and satisfaction with service quality to create a perfect customer experience.
 - Make the impossible possible by being a pioneer.
 - Encourage both individual and group creativity.
 - All ideas should be respected.
 - Develop the company's value system:

     + The first is to clearly define the company's mission.
     + The second is to clearly define the company's strategic vision.
     + The third is to identify the basic business goals correctly.
     + The fourth is to define the enterprise's value system.
     + The fifth is business philosophy's "ethical" and "theoretical" components.