Location: Lot C21, D2 Street, Cau Tram Industrial Zone, Can Duoc District, Long An Province, Vietnam

Total Area: 4,512 m2

Production Area: 2256 m2
- Production 1:  315 m2
- Production 2: 451 m2
- Production 3: 253 m2

Packaging Area: 253 m2

Material & Products WHSE: 2256 m2
- Material Area: 950 m2
- Finished Product Area: 725 m2
- Other: 629 m2

Office Area: 125 m2
- Other: 604.8 m2



Our most well-known disposable face mask brands are PERFETTA, FAMILEX and CIAO. PBM products are manifold in patterns, colors which are comfortable with medical, clinical, industrial chemical, heavy metal exploitation, and daily uses purposes. Moreover, modern innovation allows our face mask to enhance not only the faculty of dust, filtration and anti-bacteria but also environmentally friendly.


Our coming hygiene products including hand sanitizer, cotton pads, wet wipes, anti-bacterial cleansing tissue, etc. are on development process and will be soon introduced to the market. 


As an OEM, our most important selling point is the ability to handle production as a true partner to our customers. PBM is absolutely devoted to delivering products that meet our customer demands precisely. By placing ourselves in the customer position, we can focus on requirements and intended uses for the potential products. Factors such as face mask shape, pleats, size as well as materials are carefully considered from a variety of perspectives. We have technologies that can make your success come true...