About Us

Phu Bao Medical (PBM) is the manufacturer of high-quality health and personal care products, especially face masks. We are recognized not only for our PERFETTA, FAMILEX and CIAO facemask brands, but also for being a trusted OEM partner who has relentlessly developed and renovated to guarantee our customers’ satisfaction. 

In order to provide the best products with cost efficiency to the market, PBM has invested in building a large-scale factory with most advanced technologies, strict international standards and reliable material resources. We embraced the advantages of the technological era to increase the accuracy through computerization and developed a safe and healthy workplace so that our employees can perform their best and promote their potential abilities with confidence.


PBM was established in 2016 at Cau Tram Industrial Zone, Long An Province. Since then, we have continuously invested on high-end technologies, high productivity manufacturing chains as well as high-quality materials imported from developed countries. The hope of contributing and improving the clients' life quality with our hygiene and health care products has guided us to run this business with passion and full responsibilities to the society.


At PBM, each department handles one specific function. From Purchasing, QA/QC, Warehouse to Technical, Product and Packaging, all members are well-qualified and trained to be patient, careful and responsible for the mission of delivering the best outcome products. Every face mask has to go under strict quality control to guarantee the highest quality before it reaches client’s hands.